Monday, August 2, 2010

Corey Gets Desperate

Yesterday, I received the following email from someone using the email address and under the Subject "Confidential info for you". It should come as no surprise that this email address no longer exists. However, I am having the IP address traced.

I am a regular contributor to your Ison-Osborn Blog. I lost much money from Michael's scam. I have been trying for years to get someone to do something to send him to jail for life.
I was reading your blogs and looked into a number of the people Michael has added to his schemes. In my efforts to put Michael away I have made friends with a PI who has a friend that is high in the F B I .
Just to let you know there is one Gentleman "Corey Engelen" who is the hired gun for the US Government. I learned he is working to take Michael down and has been doing so for the past year.
The guy is a 3 country diplomat that works with the Feds on many things.He helped take down a group in Colorado. He spent time working on the Fed payroll from prison and broke up many illicit dealings by getting close to many criminals. My PI says he is no one to take lightly as his connections are extremely high and most things he does are considered Top Secret or Classified.
My source is really reliable. Michael is under investigation for many things that may net a minimum sentence of up to 25 years. They are almost done with the deal.
I tell you this because I have been told you are being looked at for possible criminal activity with Mike. I saw it was considered extortion and conspiracy they are looking at you for.
I do not want to see anything bad happen to you George, you have championed the cause to take Mike down. I share only to help you understand that it maybe done as far as Mike.
My PI told me to drop any further inquiry with you and to stay out of the way. I was told to not make any reference to Engelen ( or Franklin as it is his real name).
I thank you for your efforts and just want you to be aware of the things looming around the corner. I know in the blog you accuse Engelen as being a cohort in crime, just be cautious as things can get hairy dealing with the group he is involved with.
I wish you all the best in your future, you are a good man George. God Bless You!

I don't recall when I've ever received an email so full of bullshit . In one email, this idiot tries to stroke me so that I'll believe him, all the while warning me, presumably to get me off the hunt for Engelen. Corey has got to be scared. He knows that it is my publicity campaign that ultimately got Osborn nailed and now he is worried that the same tactic will make his victims come forward.

"Corey Engelen is a hired gun for the US Government", eh? James Bond, I assume? More like Maxwell Smart.

"I learned that he is working to take Michael down and has been doing so for the past year." The only thing Corey has been doing for the past year is helping Michael steal money. And he has been using dupes like Anthony Hruska to do it. Note to Anthony: You didn't believe me when I told you that Mike was a crook. I'm now telling you that Corey is the same crook. Continuing to work with this guy either makes you a crook or just plain stupid. Which is it?

"My source is really reliable." Really? A PI getting the inside on federal "hired guns"? Well make sure he doesn't get any military secrets.

And then there's the hysterical claim that I am being investigated for possible criminal activity. I don't even remember that last time I got a speeding ticket.

Clean up your act Corey. Even Michael never did anything as stupid as make claims like this. And contrary to what your PI says, I think I'll take you lightly.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Corey Blames Missing Money on Osborn

Recently, I have been receiving emails from various people who have received this letter from Corey, dated July 15, 2010. It appears that Corey is attempting to pawn off his embezzlement schemes onto Mike Osborn who is now in prison on unrelated charges. While I would be the last person to ever suggest the innocence of Michael Osborn, I can tell you that Corey has been sending this letter to those who invested money with him way before he ever even met Michael. These victims report that Corey has been delegating blame for lost funds for years. Now that Mike is in jail, he is an easy target. Apparently, Corey is trying to benefit from Mike's incarceration by using it as a means to take some heat off himself.

Once again, Corey is representing himself as some sort of secret agent for the Feds and claims to be operating a sting against Michael. Question: If Corey was an agent for the Feds, or even just cooperating with them, would he be advertising it?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Corey Serves Time for Bank Fraud

Why would anybody give their money to a guy convicted of bank fraud? Your guess is as good as mine. I would like to assume that these people didn't know that Corey is a felon but that means that they didn't do their homework. Honestly, how does one give investment capital to someone they don't know without checking him out?

Our hero has been convicted of 11 counts of making a false statement to a financial institution and sentenced to 22 months in prison. In spite of every effort to overturn the ruling, including blaming his lawyer for not telling him to take the plea bargain (he did), Engelen's appeal was ultimately denied by an Appellate court which unanimously upheld the trials court's finding.

Now, Corey explains his incarceration to his marks as undercover work for the Feds. Apparently, some people are buying his story and now they have come to regret it. He claims that it his undercover work that has led to an investigation of his associate and fellow con man, Michael Osborn.

Corey Engelen is a con man. Period.